Square One Program

How to Apply - DEADLINE EXTENDED to August 14!

Admission to the SQ1 Program is through a formal selection process. Interested individuals are required to submit an online application and to be interviewed for entry into the program. Admission is granted to individuals, not companies, so if there is more than one individual from the same company, each person must apply. The Program is for those who are actively engaged in the start-up of an advanced technology business. We are looking for individuals with the characteristics to be successful in commercial ventures, but who may not already be familiar with the myriad issues involved with business creation and management. Applicants should bring their own technology or business idea, and we will do our best to work with our partners to pair outstanding individuals with existing technologies as appropriate. You must commit to attending weekly classes AND bullpen sessions during the course of the program.

The Fall 2015 class is scheduled to begin on September 14th and will meet every Monday from 5-8pm. Additionally, weekly bullpen sessions will be held each Tuesday from 5-7pm with industry tract leaders and mentors to further discuss and review topics covered in class.  If you are interested in participating in the next SQ1 class or have any questions about the admission process, please contact us at:  sq1programinfo@gmail.com. 

Key Dates for the Fall 2015 Program:

Online applications accepted from July 1 - 31, 2015

Acceptance notification will be sent by September 3rd, 2015

Class begins on Monday, September 14, 2015 

Classes:  Mondays from 5pm - 8pm

Bullpen Sessions:  Tuesdays from 5pm-7pm

DEADLINE EXTENDED - Apply by August 14!

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Cost & Commitment



The SQ1 Program is made possible through a grant from the Missouri Technology Corp. In addition volunteer presenters, mentors, and service providers are donating considerable time and talent. As a result of these combined efforts, there is NO COST to participants. However in exchange for the support provided, participants are required to formally commit to active participation in the Program. Prior to the first class, each participant must execute an agreement to attend training classes, complete assignments, and respond to mentoring. There will also be provisions governing use of the building & security, non-disclosure of confidential information, reporting and reviews to ensure adequate progress, and a commitment to use best efforts to establish and retain your business in the State of Missouri.