Square One Program
Program Graduates

Fall 2014

Bio Tech Call LLC
Founder: Claire Zielinski
Bio Tech Call provides professional phone marketing services to the biotechnology community. Services Include: lead management, database maintenance, lead generation, and inside sales calling campaigns. Also providing light parcel courier services within the St. Louis Metro Bio-Belt.

Founder: Sarah Badahman

HIPAAtrek’s clou-based tool guides healthcare organizations and companies working with healthcare organizations through creating, implementing, and managing a customized HIPAA compliance program. HIPAAtrek now has over 200 users.

iDo Fund

Founder: Paul Hermanson

iDoFund is a crowd-funding web app where the brides and grooms can raise money for their wedding without being assessed credit card fees.  Key vendor partners and a fixed pricing model give iDoFund a competitive advantage over other solutions. 

EDIS Solutions LLC 
Founder: Nannette Musgrave and Peter Yurkovich
EDIS Solutions is an automated that gathers, filters, combines and presents complex independent data sets allowing the

pharmaceutical manufacturer to focus on critical planning and decision making rather than data management.  

Jeenome Project

Founder: Brian Rappaport

Helping Children Address Wellness And Obesity By Increasing Awareness In School And Engagement At Home. 

Little Sparks

Founder: Judy Leise 

Little Sparks is a design and technology company  providing role models that are an alternative to popular culture (toy & app).