Square One Program

Program Graduates

Spring 2011

Apse, LLC

Founder: Juan Arhancet, Ph.D, (former Associate Research Fellow at Monsanto)

Apse LLC is a biotechnology company seeking to commercialize a portfolio of Novel Nanomaterials.  They have identified five application areas of immediate, developing, and future needs addressed by technology they invented for which they have a U.S. Patent Pending. This strategy enables a highly leveraged and robust financing path for growth.  Apse will realize a positive cash flow stream by licensing our technology to service-providing companies for its use in the two most immediate identified applications.  This revenue stream will fuel growth by providing cash necessary for further technology development for applications of Novel Nanomaterials addressing growing and near-future unmet market needs.



Founders: Susan Lanzendorf, Ph.D (current WU Medical School, Assoc Prof & Director of Clinical Labs IVF, Andrology & Endocrinology) & Andrea Fan, Ph.D, MBA (former BioMed Research, Old Dominion Univ.)

TaiGen is working to develop a biomarker assay for use in selecting embryos with the highest potential for pregnancy.   Currently, the majority of pregnancies after in vitro fertilization (IVF) results from the transfer of two or more embryos into the uterus and has led to a significant increase in pregnancies with multiple fetuses. TaiGen will identify biomarkers present in the embryo culture medium that are correlated with pregnancy outcome (implantation and successful full term delivery) which can then be used to develop a clinical assay for selecting embryos with the greatest pregnancy potential.  TaiGen's biomarker assay will greatly increase the adoption of single embryo transfers and reduce the incidence of multiple gestations following IVF.



Entrepreneur: Stas Samarin, Ph.D (WU Innovation Acceleration Fellow)

PulmoCADx develops Computer-Assisted Diagnosis (CAD) system for early non-invasive diagnosis of lung cancer. Our software analyzes thoracic CT scans and assists radiologists in detection and diagnosis of malignant lung nodules. PulmoCADx system helps to make better diagnostic decision in order to initiate treatment earlier, and thus to improve treatment outcomes, as well as significantly reduce the number of follow-up CT scans and unnecessary needle biopsies.


VCB Medical

Founder: James Strong, MBA (Surgical equipment Sales & Service Manager at Unitas Medical)

VCB Medical is a medical device company developing and commercializing a new neonatal endotracheal tube stabilizer used to precisely secure a breathing tube after an intubation in the delicate lungs of a premature baby. VCB's device will be the first adjustable endotracheal tube stabilizer and the only one with an emergency removal safety feature.  The device is designed to make the process of securing a breathing tube easier for the staff, resulting in a dramatically safer and more comfortable experience for the baby as well as being more aesthetically pleasing to the parents. VCB's initial customers will be NICU departments all across the country.


Eyelten Therapeutics

Entrepreneur: Ron Bassuner, Ph.D (former Manager of Production Process Design & Business Development at Sigma-Aldrich)

Eyelten Therapeutics was originally founded through the WU Innovation Acceleration Partnership and is developing a therapeutic for the treatment of Age Related macular Degeneration.  The company needs assistance in formulation a development plan as it relates to clinical, regulatory, & reimbursement strategies and relating funding requirements.



Founders: John Grearson, MBA (former Market Manager, Oncology for Sigma-Aldrich) & David Frankel, Ph.D, MBA (former Director of Government Programs & Commercial Contracts at Covidien)

PhysicianRx is a new venture focused on delivering better living through better science.  NutraPrime™ is their premium brand.  The first product in the PhysicianRx oncology series, is a prescription strength dry powder blended beverage, available only from oncologists. It is the first dietary supplement specifically formulated to meet the nutritional needs and altered organoleptic perceptions of 12 million cancer patients receiving chemotherapy, and radiation treatment for their disease.  Differentiated product attributes include a lactose free, gluten free, high protein, balanced nutrition designed to help patients maintain adequate nutrition, and healthy weight maintenance, during periods of nausea, whilst protecting their liver during chemotherapy.


Ionic Transport Assays, Inc.

Founders: Ken Gibson, Ph.D (former Sr. Director of Research for Cardiome Pharma) & Randy Numann, Ph.D (former Associate Research Fellow at Pfizer)

Ionic Transport Assays, Inc is a contract research organization offering preclinical Safety Pharmacology assays using human heart cells.  Safety Pharmacology is the laboratory evaluation of novel therapeutic drugs before they are tested in people. Ionic Transport Assays, Inc offers evaluation of drug effects on cardiac ionic currents, specifically those currents important in maintaining normal heart rhythm.  In addition to standard assays, Ionic Transport Assays is also developing high throughput assays to quickly detect drugs that have little effect on heart cells. The goal of Ionic Transport Assays, Inc is: To establish and conduct pre-clinical laboratory assays which evaluate the safety of therapeutic agents on ion channel function in human cardiac and neuronal tissue.   


Marathon Pharmaceutical Development, Inc.

Founder: Allen Nickols, Ph.D (former VP Biology at Kereos)

Marathon Pharmaceutical Development, LLC (MPD) is a consulting and contract research organization founded in 2010 by experts successful in drug discovery and development.  MPD provides pharmacology and toxicology support for drug development by research, biotech and pharmaceutical companies.  MPD specializes in the evaluation and characterization of new drug actions and safety in preclinical models.  Currently, new chemical entities and biologics are being studied in models of inflammation, cardiovascular disease, cancer and diabetes.  MPD seeks to provide the highest quality preclinical data to support the timely progression of the client’s project to approval for first in human testing.


ARTA Bioscience, Inc.

Entrepreneur: Lakshman Rajagopalan, Ph.D (former Assoc. Research Fellow at Pfizer)

ARTA is developing a therapeutic for the treatment of Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer.  CRPC develops in over 95% of men who undergo anti-androgen therapies for PC for more than three years.  The novel mechanism of action is designed to circumvent the mechanism that leads to developed resistance.  ARTA is seeking $150K for six months to synthesize & scale the active compound and perform pharmacokinetic and toxicology studies.  At that point, an additional $500K will be sought for pharmacodynamic studies in Prostrate Cancer Disease models.