Square One Program

Program Graduates

Spring 2012

ARE Systems, LLC

Entrepreneur: Gretchen Wesenberg

ARE Systems, LLC is a renewable energy company introducing two advanced technologies that improve solar energy and biomass or waste-to-energy in integrated building systems. The company is a franchise licensee of Equitech International, LLC, a holding company with advanced renewable energy systems (ARES) patents and intellectual property. ARE Systems first project is an industrial-scale ARES power plant and manufacturing center with multiple co-products, providing energy + water + food.

Aurora Borealis Software

Founder: Yahya Mirza

Cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of mortality world-wide.  Today, a number of organizations are taking a simulation-based approach to cardiovascular medicine; a geometric model of the patient’s cardiovascular system is constructed from a patient-specific diagnostic imaging procedure and then used as an input to a computational fluid dynamic (CFD) simulation of the patient’s
blood flow.  Existing hemodynamic simulations can take more than five hours to produce.  Aurora Borealis Systems is developing a specialized software integrated hemodynamic simulation appliance that can reduce turn-around to a near real-time simulation. 

Avexi Pharma LLC

Founders: Brian Dieckgraefe, MD and Greg Strauss

The company was founded after discovery of a target for inflammatory bowel disease by Dr. Dieckgraefe at Washington University School of Medicine. That target is highly unique as it is the sole negative regulatory pathway that counterbalances hyper-responsiveness to all of the three major innate pathogen sensors. We anticipate that this new target will be versatile and effective in several inflammatory diseases as has been the case for existing anti-TNF therapeutics.

BioGreen Logistics, LLC

Founder: Emery Bowser

Select industries and federal agencies are committed to using primary biomass comprising residues from forest and farm lands as an energy source to further the nation’s energy independence and economic security goals. BioGreen Logistics is a concept staged company targeted at re-purposing select non-coal underground mines into biomass pre-processing and biomass storage depots to promote the efficient flow of the 1.3 billion dry tons of primary biomass available annually to serve the $1.5+ trillion energy sector. Through the development and the operation of a network of depots for biomass, BioGreen Logistics will accelerate the commercialization of biofuels to contribute to the nation’s goal of displacing current oil consumption by 30% by 2030, and providing sustainable biomass feedstock to fuel 5% of the nation’s electric power supply.

Brian Bond and Ying Yu

Our pharmacology services business will conduct in vivo efficacy and pharmacology studies and provide quality pharmacology data and expert consultation to drug developers (biotech, pharmaceutical, and academic communities).  This business will support the advancement of compounds through preclinical development and into clinical trials.

Emergent Sensor Technologies, LLC

Founder: Craig Weilbaecher

Emergent Sensor Technologies (EST), LLC is a start-up research and development company specializing in designing custom solutions for innovative sensor and remediation technologies. EST is developing an innovative material to selectively remove target chemicals and compounds from a complex mixture. Our team has explored multiple application areas for this novel material including beer and wine filtration, explosives remediation, biofuels refining, and separation of rare-earth elements.

EVAS Therapeutics, LLC

Founder: T.C. (James) Wun

EVAS Therapeutics is dedicated to the development of a series of proprietary recombinant fusion proteins for the treatment and molecular imaging of diseases of the heart, blood vessels and brain including acute myocardial infarction, venous thromboembolism, stroke, Alzheimer disease and Parkinson disease. EVAS’ molecules specifically target the anionic phospholipids expressed on the membrane surfaces of injured, activated, senescent, hypoxic, apoptotic and necrotic cells. By forming a 2-dimensional shield on the anionic membrane surface, they efficiently prevent blood clotting cascade and deposition of protein aggregates, thus blocking the pathogenic processes and allowing molecular imaging of the diseases.

Family Roots

Entrepreneur: Maurice Foxworth

Family Roots is a newly formed advance technology-based agricultural production and marketing firm created to address the food and agriculture product supply challenge, particularly in urban areas that lack access to these fresh products.

Gateway Biotechnology Corporation

Founder: Jianxin Bao, Ph.D.

The mission of the Gateway Biotechnology Corporation (GBC) is to address a critical unmet need: the prevention and treatment of auditory disorders such as hearing loss and tinnitus. GBC has identified repositioning opportunities of drugs, both those already on the market and drugs abandoned after early-stage clinical trials, as its first line of product development. Based on unique drug discovery methods that allow us for rapid and cost-efficient discovery of these opportunities, GBC has identified a drug combination against noise-induced hearing loss. These drugs have already been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). GBC is
also working towards the repositioning of FDA-approved drugs to treat age-related diseases, such as presbycusis and tinnitus.

HealthyMe Mobile Solutions

Founder: Dana Fowler

HealthyMe Mobile Solutions is a SMS health texting service to trigger behavior modification and improve patient disease management. The goal is to enlist subscribers either individually, through insurance, or EAPs to aid in keeping the individual on a
prescribed regimen to treat chronic conditions. The first target is diabetics who must manage blood sugar and food/water consumption to maintain health. Numerous other patient classes would qualify as good candidates for this program.

Integrated Virtual Solutions Corp.

Founder: Steven Richter

Integrated Virtual Solutions Corp. was formed to bring to market the first "flight simulator” for surgeons.  After over two years of research and development T.H.I.S. 1 (3-D Haptic Integrated Simulator) is nearing production. The simulator is targeted towards the training and credentialing of healthcare providers. With the cost of healthcare delivery rising, simulation training is an effective way to lower expenses. Patterned after the aviation industry, healthcare providers would be required to show their competence in simulation before being approved to provide care to the public. Although focused on the healthcare industry, T.H.I.S 1 is adaptable to numerous industries beyond healthcare including military, law enforcement, and the gaming industries.

Inx Medical

Founder: Jim Vermeersch

Inx Medical is a start-up medical device company that intends to design, develop, and market medical devices related to the anorectal and gastrointestinal markets. The company's initial focus is on the treatment of hemorrhoids. Inx Medical, along with the participation of leading surgeons in the General Surgery and Gastroenterology fields, is developing a continuum of care of devices that will be used to medically treat hemorrhoids. Two of these devices are designed to be used for minor non-operative procedures performed in a physician's office; while the other device will be designed to be used for more severe surgical procedures that are performed in a hospital or ambulatory surgery center. Inx Medical’s peripheral product line consists of an early technology concept for the treatment of esophageal varicies.


Founder: Mark Womer

LaborVoices is crowdsourced supply chain intelligence. We provide corporations with a real-time supply chain monitoring tool enabling companies to know their supply chain before products have even shipped; we bring transparency to labor networks for better working conditions, yielding higher quality products; we support labor forces that are proud of their work and loyal to their employers.


Founder: David Finkelstein

The NeuraComm is a Computer-to-Brain Interface (CBI) that enables precise and effective neural stimulation with a completely non-invasive method. NeuraComm will bridge the gap between imprecise and ineffective cutaneous electrodes and precise, effective, implanted electrodes that require invasive surgery.

Pharos Scientific

Founder: Zhilin Hu

Currently, diagnostic tools such as MRI, CT, and US are used to identify cancerous growth, however, usually by the time these machines register the mutated cells, the cancer has already reached an advanced stage. Pharos Scientific is planning to manufacture the patented core subunits of an advanced optical imager used in clinical diagnosis called Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT). OCT is a non-invasive ultrahigh resolution imager that can distinguish cancerous cells from normal ones. The OCT, equipped with my product, will have clearer imaging and a faster imaging computing factor and deeper imaging range factor. It is an important clinical tool that would facilitate the detection of cancer at a very early stage.

Portfolio Partners, LLC

Founder: Kevin Whittington, Ph.D.

Portfolio Partners LLC conducts for-profit technology transfer. We partner with the faculty researcher and the technology transfer office at the university to launch and grow a prosperous start-up enterprise based on university intellectual property. We offer on-site R&D combined with business development to aggressively add value to the start-up enterprise founded by the faculty researcher who desires to commercialize their innovation concurrent with their pursuit of scholarly merit. In addition, we represent the interests
of the faculty researcher and the university outside the institution. Our firm provides the start-up enterprise with a project manager (i.e., a scientist), fundraising, senior management, business strategy, coordination of professional services, legal advising, intellectual property strategy, sales and marketing, branding, corporate communication, networking, and business culture and profess
ionalism. Our goal is to launch, grow, and exit multiple start-up enterprises alongside their respective faculty researcher and university. Therefore, an important milestone will be our portfolio’s first liquidity event.