Square One Program

Program Graduates

Spring 2013


Founder: Lu Alleruzzo

Immunophotonics has developed an in situ therapeutic cancer vaccine for (inCVAX) for the treatment  of solid tumor cancers. Specifically, inCVAX is an in vivo approach that activates antigen-presenting cells (APC), such as dendritic cells (DC), and subsequently exposes them to tumor antigens in situ, which induces a tumor-specific T- cell response. Immunophotonics has completed substantial nonclinical research, as well as first-in- man trials on late-stage breast cancer patients.Those trials yielded promising results with tumor shrinkage of both the treated tumor and distant metastases, and in some cases, patients had complete resolution of all tumors. 


Nanopore Diagnostics

Founder: Tom Cohen

Nanopore Diagnostics is a molecular diagnostics company commercializing a nucleic acid quantitation technology with applications in research-use and molecular diagnostic markets. The technology, which we are licensing from the University of Missouri, is simpler, quicker, and more accurate than current methods. 


Genetix Fusion

Founder: Mohet Patel

Genetix Fusion is a biotechnology company that offers a unique and efficient nucleic acid transferring kits. Our Janus Transfection Kit utilizes, for the very first time, nanomolecules that complex and facilitates the transfer of nucleic acids into various organisms. With 180 Million transfections conducted in 2010, propagating nucleic acids in cells is the most imperative technology used in biochemical, biotechnology, cancer, biofuel and agricultural research. Genetix Fusion provides a technology that has no detectable toxicity, and permits use of larger DNA compared to current technology.


Rice Analytics

Founder: Dan Rice

Rice Analytics is a software and analytics consultancy specializing in Big Data/high dimension predictive and causal analytics. Ourflag ship product is MyRELR which is a SAS language macro which has been licensed to companies who mainly use it in media, marketing, and finance in applications that often include hundreds of thousands of variables. Our patented high dimension RELR (Reduced Error Logistic Regression) technology also has natural applications in genomics and biotechnology, along with health care clinical and business applications.

E.K.G. Life Science Solutions, LLC

Founder: Katie Grayson

E.K.G. Life Science Solutions, LLC is a contract analytical laboratory and a solution provider to the regulated Life Science community. We utilize our strengths in regulatory compliance, scientific excellence, and novel thinking to offer Scientific Consultation, Regulatory Consultation, FDA Remediation, Program Management and Execution.


Founder: Gabriel Santa Cruz

MMBiosensing is a company that is patenting a novel testing method for identifying minute concentrations of Troponin-I in blood to determine whether or not a patient has experienced a heart attack. While Troponin-I is not new, current tests offer low sensitivity if the test is done by the bedside or higher sensitivity if the sample is sent to the lab to be processed by a trained technician. We can provide high sensitivity at the bedside meaning that we can reduce the time to diagnose or rule out a heart attack in one third of the time of current methods. Instead of 9 or even 12 hours, MMBiosensing needs only 3.

Nature Products and Biotech

Founder: Frank Deng

Screen and evaluate enzyme enhancing agents and inhibitors to develop new treatments for human and plants and provide biotech service for large and small molecular purification and function analyses.

Red Rock Laboratories, LLC

Founder: William Dahl

Red Rock Laboratories, LLC is an emerging startup specializing in laboratory instrumentation that offers robust, “plug and play” hardware and software solutions for the collection of physiological data from small laboratory animals. Through its automated Functional Assessment Station (FAStTM), Red Rock enables teams of researchers to swiftly and accurately evaluate multiple neuromuscular and electrophysiological endpoints, including muscle force production and EMG. This system is expanded through the introduction of WiReTM implantable devices, which can both transmit data and power sensors wirelessly, allowing time course studies to be performed remotely on populations of laboratory animals. To date, Red Rock’s FAStTM and WiReTM systems have been installed in multiple laboratories with published results, and the company is currently seeking to gain further entry into both the academic and commercial markets.

Edge Process Systems

Founder: Bob Boland and Rex Clingan

Edge Process Systems is developing a Technology Launchpad to help startups and established companies rapidly and affordably deploy new technologies to market using new scale-up and integration paradigms. 

Founder: Yulia Korshunova

My proposed business is a molecular biology service company that offers consulting (planning of experiments, interpretation of results, evaluation of projects and etc.), basic molecular biology services (creation of libraries, vectors, DNA and protein electrophoresis and etc.) as well as renting some of the equipment. The company will be focusing on helping other companies to fulfill their transitory needs for molecular biology.